Saturday, July 9, 2011

Debbie Diller's Math Work Stations

I just got into Debbie Diller's math work stations book, and found some things I am LOVING and some things that I am still wondering!

- gradual release
- talk cards
- "I can" statements taped to the cover of each bin
- working in partners rather than small groups
- short mini-lesson before the stations to set the stage
- self-sustaining stations (can last a month or longer if needed)

Still Wondering:
- Do the students even do the practice pages in their math journals (we use Everyday Math)
- Do you get behind in the pacing of the core curriculum if you spend so much time going over the stations?
- We use "tool kits" in Everyday Math - are those still necessary? If so - how do you get enough materials for 30 kids and for 10 stations?
- Is there a way to organize the stations around a math skill rather than concept? For example, number sense station rather than addition/ subtraction station?

Please leave comments, suggestions, thoughts!!


S. Parker said...

Ms. Alley,
I have/had the same concerns. I experimented with math work stations towards the end of the year. Like you, I have a ver "rigid" curriculum map to follow and practice pages to complete. I plan on only doing one work station in lieu of two or three to help fit this in. Currently, I have math centers at the end of math; primarily for fast finishers. I plan on having math work stations first, then, our math lesson/workbook page. The biggest difference I think for me will be that all students go to math workstations and that the work will be based on student needs. I like how these can be great spiral review centers. Hope this helps. Feel free to email if you have more questions.

Jen said...

Hi Abby,
I stumbled upon your blog and am excited to find another second grade teacher who uses Everyday math and math work stations. I am wondering how it is going this year since I see your post is from last year. I am struggling with not keeping up with the pacing guide too. Love your blog!

Tonya Dowling said...

What's the difference between math workstations and math centers?

xccc said...

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