Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Can't Resist the Dollar Section!

Today was such a great day! Not only did I receive my Really Good Stuff order, but I went a little nuts in the dollar section at Target!

Here's what I found:

The readers theater were $1.99 - thanks to Christina Bainbridge (Bainbridgeclass.blogspot.com) I didn't miss this great sale! The math games are going to be used during math workshop. I am especially excited about the small purple box - if you can't see what it is - it's a bunch of number grid puzzles. So many of my students struggle to find those patterns, and this will be a fun way to practice! The tennis balls are a replenishment of what I already have in my room. They are a huge life saver! With 30 plus kids any noise we can eliminate, the better. Finally, the birthday chart is just cute and I don't like my old one :)

Now...for Target...

If you're like me, then you're probably thinking - no way target has all that amazing stuff for $2.50 or less! I had been searching for those tiny buckets for weeks and no one seemed to have them...I about jumped for joy when I saw them. I read on Beth Newingham's website (amazing teacher) that she uses them for "bucket fillers." Those little sparkly puff balls will be the fillers! I also got some great pencils and stickers for $1 each, a pocket chart for $1,  star pointers, and alphabet stamps and ink pads for $1 that I plan to use at the word work station as an option to spell that week's spelling words. The little yellow bins were $2.50 for 4. The packet of speech bubbles I thought I could use for math work stations. Debbie Diller talks about writing down talking tips or conversation words (I can't remember what she calls them in her book) basically to help students use the math vocabulary at the station. I thought these would work well for that! Finally, off to the right there is a white tube of white contact paper. I can't remember where I saw this, but some amazing teacher had the idea of using little rectangles of this (I think she actually uses foam) as a "manipulative mat" during math so the materials don't go everywhere. I thought I would try it out!

Target is definitely worth the trip!!


Rachel Lamb said...

yay for Target! Just to add-Dollar Tree has 3 white buckets for $1 in the wedding section. I can't decide between buckets or library pockets??? Oh decisions!

Laurel said...

I went crazy in the Dollar spot today too! I didn't see those star pointers though-- now I'm going to have to search around!

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