Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Favorite Author Linky Party

I love this idea for a linky party...probably because I have so many favorites! Thanks, Clutter Free Classroom for thinking of it!

If I had to choose one author with whom I couldn't get through the year without, I think it would have to be  Jan Brett. Some of my favorite books of hers are: The Mitten, The Hat, The Gingerbread Baby, and Hedgie's Surprise.
I love using this book for sequencing! And, as with all Jan Brett books, it's great for teaching making predictions!

I love using The Mitten to teach compare and contrast, as there are so many other versions of this same story. It's a great book to use during a thematic unit on any winter topic. I have used mittens before to teach compound words, create number stories, and  partner game for math where each student draws pictures/shapes/designs on one mitten and then using only descriptive language tries to get their partner to draw the exact same mitten.

My students absolutely love this book. I have used it in a Gingerbread Man unit. We have used gingerbread babies as a measuring tools as an introduction into standardized measurement, and soooo many other things during reading and writing! If you want more details, I'd be more than happy to share!
This is a great book about friendship - can spark important conversations and be used as a model. I have also known people to turn it into a readers theater, although I have not tried.



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