Thursday, July 7, 2011

Parent Communication

I was on the Really Good Stuff website yesterday and saw a parent communication journal that I decided I couldn't afford to buy for all of my I created my own form. I plan to use the form weekly and store them in the student's take home folder using the 3 brads in the middle. Of course probably a couple students here and there will lose their folders so for those few students that I might want to have documentation on I will make copies of the signed forms for myself! What do you think of the form? Should I change it? Feel free to use it/ change it if you like it. Somehow it when I uploaded it onto google docs the clip art happy face, sad face, and straight face disappeared. They were in the top row to show what kind of week the student had. It's easy to add them in!

On another note, I got my Debbie Diller Math Work Stations book today, which I couldn't be more excited to get into!


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