Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Math Workshop and My First Linky Party!!

I have to admit, I am a little nervous about hosting a linky party...1) because I am not great at the technology aspect and could possibly mess it up completely and 2) because what if no one wants to link up? :) 

After reading Number Sense Routines, I couldn't help but wonder how everyone out there teaches math. I think I have 60, maybe 70 minutes at best to teach math daily, and am wondering how people fit it all in! It seems like a lot of people are blogging about math lately and I'm curious to see how you all are applying what they are learning!

Last year I tried to combine the workshop model with Everyday Math. It was a tight squeeze, but I liked it much better than just whole class math with Everyday Math everyday. My math block looked like this:

15 min. - warm-up/ mini-lesson/ routine (rekenrek, count around the circle, problem solving, introduce a new work station, etc.)

20 min. - math work station and I would meet with my tier 3 group
I use Debbie Diller's book a lot to determine my work stations and manage them. I also pull from Everyday Math and TpT to find games and activities for the work stations.

This is the only picture I have to show how I organize the work stations. The bins on the bottom shelf (with the pink and green labels) are my work stations. I have 6 stations - with 2 different versions of each to make 12 total stations. I also use xtramath.org for a computer station and myself as another station. 
20 min. - Whole group Everyday Math lesson - I usually just do Part 1 of the lesson and then give a 7-10 minutes for independent practice where I try to get around to my tier 2 kids to make sure they are keeping up.

My goal is to use Everyday Math more as a resource than as a day-to-day guide. Does anyone else do that?

I'd love to hear how you all organize your math blocks!! Please link up to a previous post or a new post having to do with your math block - and if you want, use the picture above to link back here. Thanks so much!!


Cassandra said...

I am not going to link up, because to be honest, I hate the way I've been doing math so far. We use Everyday math and only have 45 min!!!! So talk about a tight squeeze. I will definitely be back to see how other teachers run math time. I just don't know if the workshop model is possible with only 45 min.

I'm a new follower by the way, glad to have found you
Adventures in Room 5

Unknown said...

I can't wait to read everyone's link ups! I will definitely be back to link up with how I was teaching math and how it is going to look so far next year with all the learning I've been doing this summer!

Sweet Seconds

Learning in Wonderland said...

I just linked up. I also use my program as a guide more than something I must follow as is. Looking forward to getting some tips! Thanks for this linky party!

Amanda said...

Oooooh ooooh! I LOVE math workshop! :) Super excited that you had a link up for this! I do not use Everyday Math, but I do not follow my basal math program. I use it as a resource like you mentioned, and try to make my own activities that follow the way I like to teach. It's time consuming, but has definitely been worth it this year!

Reaching for the TOP

Mrs. Kenyon said...

I will be using Everyday Math next year, but I want to run a workshop too. I'm curious to see what everyone has to say.
Where Seconds Count 2nd grade blog

steve said...

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