Friday, July 6, 2012

Math Workshop/ Math Work Stations

First of all, thanks to the amazing teachers who have joined my first linky party! I've gotten some great ideas already!!! If you haven't linked up yet, please join here :)

As you probably can tell, June has been my math month (although I'm already 2 books behind since it's technically July). I wanted to make something I can use for my math meeting where I will incorporate lots of the ideas from Number Sense Routines. So I made a bunch of different ten frames and quick images to use whole class and in small groups. I'm also thinking of ways I can use them as a work station - especially the ten frames. I created a few different versions of each for differentiating. You can get them at my tpt store if you'd like :)

I hope you all are staying cool - it's been so hot here in Chicago!! 


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