Friday, July 20, 2012

Apps in the Classroom

Hope at 2nd Grade Shenanigans is having a great linky for sharing favorite apps. She shared what seems like a must-have for keeping track of clssroom library books, called Book Retriever (99 cents). I bought it, but don't have any books here to try it out at the moment. Check out her post on it here!


Unfortunately I don't have ipads or ipods in my classroom, but I do have an iphone and let my students use it if I have to. An app I recently heard about and plan to use this year is called Songify. Basically you just talk into the phone and the app turns your speech into a song. It's pretty cool! I plan to use it for assessment purposes mainly. I'm trying to think more creatively with assessments - and I think this will totally work! I know kids will have fun telling me what they learned about any given topic and then hearing it back into a song. Talk about motivation! I'm sure there's a way to hook my phone up to speakers, or at least a computer for the whole class to hear either a student's song - or groups of students' songs. I feel like it's so quick and easy that there would be countless ways to use it!'s free! Can't beat that :)

Has anyone else used this one? I'd love to hear how!!


Mrs. Goodwin said...

Found your blog through App Happy linky. Love Songify, have you seen VidRhythm, it's a free music app that has so much possibility for creativity. I'm your newest follower. Love finding 2nd grade blogs to follow.

Katherine Blessings of Teaching said...

I never thought to use the app songfiy! I have that on my iphone, too! What a great idea!

Im a new follower! :)
Blessings of Teaching

Unknown said...

What a great app..I think it could be used as a learning/memorization tool. Kids can remember words to why not teach with song:) I LOVE teaching with songs. Thanks, I can't wait to try this app out!!
Mrs. Saunders' Lovelies

Hope King said...

Love this!!!! Thanks so much for linking up! Hope you have a great year! ;)


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