Sunday, January 22, 2012

What We've Been Up To! Pics and new units

 This week was filled with how-to writing, more matter, and making predictions. I forgot to take pics of the predictions I'll have to post them tomorrow. But for now here's what we have been doing in science and writing!

As you know we are studying matter in science. Last week we investigated the properties of solids by building a tower of solids and then writing about how they were able to use the solids in different ways to build the tallest tower possible. We had a great discussion about how certain properties led us to use solids for different parts of the tower. (the cups are able to balance because of flat sides, the rubber band could hold two things together because it is stretchy...) 

Next, we talked about how to measure solids. We compared solids by measuring length and mass using rulers and balances. It was great when they found 2 solids that had the same length but different masses! It was also great measurement practice too as we measured to the nearest inch and centimeter! 

 As the week wrapped up we started our conversation about liquids and the many different properties of liquids by doing my "mystery liquids" activity. I put 6 different liquids into 6 containers and my students rotated through the liquids to investigate properties of liquids. I chose milk, hand soap, juice, water, coke, and dishwashing soap. These activities and more are included in my matter unit on my TPT store if you want to download them :) 

We have been working on how-to writing in writer's workshop. Last week we went outside to make snow angels....they had a blast!! Then we came back inside, talked about how we made the snow angels, reviewed the structure of a paragraph, and wrote a paragraph teaching how to make a snow angel. I think they turned out so cute! We also made a little craft to go with it - glue mixed with shaving cream and a sprinkle of glitter :)

This writing activity can be found in my newest addition to my TPT store! I also added a blends center activity and a Guide to Guided Reading Packet!

Please let me know what you think - I hope you like them!! :)


Jill said...

I love all your ideas!! I will have to remember them for next year.... or the year after that since I can't teach the same unit two years in a row!! My now-first graders would be falling asleep, haha! Thanks for sharing!

Marvelous Multiagers!

Unknown said...

Those snow angels look like fun. We haven't had any snow yet..just rain. We are doing shapes soon so I'm going to have to remember to use your ideas.

Swimming into Second

Lisa at Fourth and Ten said...

What a great week in your classroom! I wish states of matter was an indicator in Ohio for second grade, I always had so much fun teaching it when I was a student teacher. Your State of Matter Unit looks great! :)
Stories From Second

Unknown said...

Looks like your kids had a great week of learning!
First Grade Blue SKies

Cupcake said...

As I was looking at your post, I was thinking "Looks like your kids had a great week!" and then I got down here and Jennifer beat me to it!! Haha, I second her post :)

A Cupcake for the Teacher

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