Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Teachers Pay Teachers Store

I am so excited and also a little anxious because I just opened my own Teachers Pay Teachers Store! I can't believe it! I honestly would have never even thought of doing this at this time last year - mostly because I had no idea it existed, but also because I had no idea how to create things on my computer. I can't tell you what an inspiration so many teacher bloggers have been to me - Amy Lemons, Hope King, Abby from the Inspired Apple, and Erika Bohrer to name a few. I still have A LOT to learn about creating - making things cute - I am really slow at the computer :) 

Anyway, I am going to post a bunch of freebies and I have one unit up for sale! Check it out if you have time. I'd love feedback!!!


Unknown said...

Congrats on the new shop!
First Grade Blue SKies

Hope King said...

So exciting! Congratulations on your new shop!


abby said...

Thanks, Hope!

abby said...

Thanks, Jennifer!

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