Friday, August 10, 2012

Book Bins and Back to School Sale

I have been reading about all of you who are already back in school, and wow I can't believe how time flies! I don't go back until the last week in August and I am going to try to soak every last drop out of summer that I can! 

It's that time again - time for TPT's back to school sale! I love this sale because you can get so many great things 28% off!!! What a deal! I will be joining many other teachers in putting everything in my store on sale - 20% off plus TPT's 10%. Don't forget the promo code: BTS12

BTS 12 250x125

Every year I rethink the bins I use for my classroom library. I've tried the Dollar Tree, Target, and Really Good Stuff...I love the Really Good Stuff bins (really any shape, size, or color), but they are so expensive and I can never decide which size to get. The big ones are a little big for me (I feel like books get lost in the shuffle when bins are overcrowded)  and the small ones are a little small. I've been looking for the "just right" bin. Last year, I found it and I got some more for this year. I present to you the perfect bins:

These are from the Container Store - and they sell them in packs of 20. I have my 20 from last year and I just bought another pack of 20. As you can see from the pics below - I use them for housing books as well as for math work stations. I love that they are clear so you can easily see what's inside for work stations. I also love the depth and width for books - they work for larger picture books as well as smaller chapter books. Labels easily stick to the plastic as well! What bins do you all use for your classroom libraries???


Mrs. Anderson said...

I'm going to have to check out those plastic tubs from The Container Store. I use plastic tubs from the Dollar Store. I buy the $2.00 ones and they are very sturdy.

Lisa said...

Hey! I'm having a Linky Party on my blog for the TPT sale. You should add your shop link and spread the word about your sale!

The Lower Elementary Cottage

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