Tuesday, February 7, 2012

One of Those Days, RAK, and Gummy Worms

Driving home today, I was just so overwhelmed with all of the things I have to do before 9:00 am tomorrow morning (entering grades, reorganizing guided reading groups, entering RTI data, getting organized for my newly started reading conferences, etc.)...not to mention I found out at 1:30 today that I have to go to a PD all day Thursday...and I was left thinking, "how can I fit in what I was planning to do in 5 days into 4 days?" Well, the answer probably is, it's impossible, but I'm going to try. I just couldn't help but think, "is anything I am doing working? Are my kids learning?" Gosh, I hope so!


When I got home, I got an email from Stephanie McCumbee, with her 100th Day packet attached. She gave it away to the first 2 comments on her post about it yesterday, and I was the third. How amazing of her to be so generous to email it to me too! I am thrilled...it made my day :)

On to gummy worms!

Last week we did this really fun experiment with physical change - I got the idea from Doris at Third Grade Thinkers (totally obsessed, if you can't tell). Basically, you leave a gummy worm (or bear) in water overnight and observe the changes. OMG, the changes are CRAZY! Even I was amazed! Here are some pics:

We are finally finished with matter, and on to African American history! Yay! Hopefully I'll be back this weeks with some pics to share :)


Sandra said...

The gummy activity looks so fun!!
It is sooo hard trying to hit all of our curriculum when we have short weeks! I had a half day today and felt rushed!

❤ Sandra
Sweet Times in First

Lisa at Fourth and Ten said...

Love the gummy worm measurement activity! :)
Stories From Second

savvy teaching tips said...

I just found your blog. It looks great. I'm going to have to check around more. I'm your newest follower. Come on over and check out my blog

Unknown said...

Love this...and gummy worms!!
First Grade Blue Skies

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